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– Corporate and Commercial Law

– Property law. Investments in real estate

– Bonding right. Collection of receivables

– Labor law

– Administrative law and process. Tax law

– Litigation

Corporate and Commercial Law

“Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm advises its clients in structuring their business ideas by offering the optimal legal form for their realization in terms of management efficiency and tax planning. The long-standing practice of lawyers in the company includes the establishment and maintenance of all forms of commercial activity – small and medium sized companies and large capital, holdings and consortia, branches and commercial representations of foreign companies. The Company also provides legal advice in connection with the establishment and development of the activity of non-profit legal entities – associations and foundations working for private or public benefit.

The legal services offered by “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm in the field of corporate and commercial law include:

  1. Analyzing the investment intentions of the client and offering the optimal legal form for the development of his business.
  2. Establishment and registration of all types of commercial companies under the Commerce Act with Bulgarian and foreign participation.
  3. Provision of the licenses, licenses and tax registrations provided for in the legislation.
  4. Preparation, convening and holding of general meetings of the partners or shareholders and preparation of the related corporate documents for entering the decisions taken in the competent registers and announcing the acts liable to registration.
  5. Changes in the capital structure and reorganization of the investments made – capital increase and decrease, capitalization of cash contributions, real estate supply, movables and receivables, transfer of commercial enterprises and parts thereof.
  6. Transformation of companies, merger, merger, division, separation, changes in the legal form of commercial companies and allocation of assets in accordance with owners’ investment goals.
  7. Consultancy on all legal issues related to the management of commercial companies and standards of good corporate governance.
  8. Consultations on commercial transactions, participation in negotiations and preparation of all types of commercial contracts related to the business of the trader.
  9. Preparation of all corporate documents necessary for conducting winding-up proceedings.
  10. Consultations, claiming and representation at all stages of insolvency proceedings, including meetings of creditors.
  11. Preparation of rehabilitation plans and legal assistance for their implementation and restoration of the normal activity of companies in bankruptcy.
  12. Litigation in commercial disputes.

Property law. Investments in real estate

“Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm offers professional legal assistance in the preparation of all types of documents related to real estate transactions, negotiation and representation of the client, preparation of a complete legal analysis of a property and other consultations on acquisition, management and disposition with real estate.

The legal services offered by “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm in the field of real estate and real estate include:

  1. Complete legal analysis of the status of real estate.
  2. Consultancy and assistance in the selection of suitable sites for investments in the country as well as analysis of the most appropriate forms for acquisition of property rights or limited property rights by foreign investors, including through the establishment of a commercial company or a special investment purpose company.
  3. Legal services in favor of owners and users of real estate, investors and builders when concluding contracts for purchase, rent, leasing, establishing a right to build, etc.
  4. Consultation and assistance in negotiations and preparation of preliminary contracts for purchase and sale of real estates, contractual mortgages, drafts of notarial acts and execution of transactions before a notary.
  5. Litigation in real estate matters.

Bonding right. Collection of receivables

“Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm specializes in the provision of legal assistance and legal representation of its clients in the implementation of all types of transactions and contracts. The legal protection provided covers both the negotiation phase and the preparation of relevant documents, as well as legal advice on the possibilities of providing guarantees and collateral, the performance or non-performance of the contractual relationship, the adverse consequences that may arise as a result of the default, termination, spoilage and destruction of transactions. We also assist our clients in settling non-contractual relationships arising from torts or unjust enrichment.

The legal services offered by “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm in the area of bond law include:

  1. Legal assistance in negotiations.
  2. Preparation of all types of contracts, renegotiation of relations.
  3. Drawing up of agreements and agreements.
  4. Renewal and repayment of obligations, transfer and collection of receivables.
  5. Litigation in matters relating to contracts, torts, unjust enrichment.

Labor law

“Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm has a long-standing practice in the field of legal services in labor law cases of employers and employees.
The law services offered by “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm in the field of labor law include:

  1. Preparation of the corresponding contracts and documents related to the occurrence, existence and termination of the labor relations.
  2. Consultation of the employer in the preparation of documents governing the internal organization (establishment plan, employment contracts, job descriptions, internal rules, rules on health and safety at work, employer’s orders, training plans and upgrading).
  3. Termination of labor relations and settlement of relations between the parties, realization of disciplinary and property liability.
  4. Protection against dismissal.
  5. Preparation of documents and representation before the control bodies in compliance with labor and related legislation.
  6. Assistance, counseling and representation in out-of-court settlement of labor disputes.
  7. Procedural representation in labor disputes.

Administrative law and process. Tax law.

“Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm provides legal services related to various administrative procedures and tax consultations.
The legal services offered by the Law Firm “Valchev & Valcheva” in the field of administrative and tax law and process include:

  1. Legal assistance in connection with the issuance of administrative acts.
  2. Consultations on administrative procedures.
  3. Representation of natural and legal persons before the administrative bodies.
  4. Preparation of the necessary documents for conducting administrative procedures in different areas of administrative control, including in the area of tax law.
  5. Litigation in administrative, tax, administrative and punitive cases.


The “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm provides qualified representation of its clients to all Bulgarian courts and to arbitration. As a result of the long-lasting successful protection of the rights and interests of its clients, the company has established serious traditions in the field of judicial and alternative dispute resolution of commercial, civil and administrative disputes.

The services offered by “Valchev & Valcheva” Law Firm in the area of procedural law cover:

  1. Detailed analysis of each specific case and drafting legal opinions on the possible options for actions with a forecast for the eventual outcome.
  2. An analysis of the forthcoming procedural actions in case of a possible claim.
  3. Pre-securing of the receivables – object of the dispute.
  4. Actions for out-of-court settlement of the dispute by drawing up notarial invitations, holding meetings with the respondent, negotiating with a view to reaching an out-of-court settlement.
  5. Litigation representation on claims, security, orders and other legal proceedings before all courts in the country and before arbitration.
  6. Initiation of enforcement proceedings before the competent private or state enforcement agents and execution of the necessary procedural steps for the enforcement of enforced judicial acts, as well as for protection against such acts.
  7. Representation to the Commission for Protection of Competition, Commission for protection against discrimination, Commission for protection of personal data, Commission for protection of consumers and other institutions.
  8. Participation in mediation procedures.